About Our Company

about access

We offer international companies a range of facilities to enable them to promote their products and services in the region.

Compliance and integrity are fundamental to the way we conduct our business.

We provide a full suite of services to companies to ensure that their needs and aspirations are
properly and compliantly supported as they plan to enter the UAE market.

The scenarios under which we can act will depend on a company’s specific objectives and existing business models.

We undertake a complete evaluation of their objectives and decide which model is best suited to achieve success in the market. We ensure they operate their activities legally and support their needs appropriately.

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Our Qualifications

Our professional executives enjoy large network of personal contacts at various government organizations and enterprises.

The quality of these contacts ensures that ACCESS can quickly penetrate the appropriate accounts with your products, services and solutions – providing you with initial reference customers upon which to build your future business. we have established a highly qualified network of contacts at the key systems integrators, distributors, manufacturers and service providers.

Your company can efficiently market and sell its products and services with minimum cost through ACCESS.