Access UAE is one of the organizers for the upcoming event Madrid And The New Middle East

Madrid had the honor of hosting the Arab-Israeli Peace Conference in 1991, one of the most relevant initiatives to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict through the launch of bilateral and multilateral talks that laid the groundwork for the current peace environment.
Thirty years later, the Abraham Accords of 2020 have established the normalization of relations between Israel and the UAE to help build a new Middle East on the basis of shared prosperity.

The Madrid Regional Government, Madrid City Council, and a group of prestigious private and public entities wish to contribute to this endeavor. Madrid will recover its role in this process by hosting a high-level forum involving the Israeli, Emirati and Madrid business communities in order to bring them closer together, strengthen their relations and find areas of mutual cooperation.

The President of the Madrid Regional Government, Hon. Isabel Díaz Ayuso, will open the business summit Madrid and The New Middle East to unveil, analyze and discuss opportunities for business collaboration in promising future sectors such as cybersecurity, health tech and life sciences, fintech, smart cities, infrastructure, mobility and agri-food technology.

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